Hong Kong Property And Discovery Bay

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Discovery bay in Lantau is set to become one of the most expensive places to live in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong resorts to day announced they are planning on developing plots for individually designed house starting from wait for it – HK$300 million dollars!

Hong Kong property is already expensive but this brings Discovery Bay into the realms of the most expensive places to live in the world let alone Hong Kong.

Will it be that the Hoi ploi will soon be hobnobbing it down at the plaza with some real celeberities.

Will the park n shop be replaced with Olivers?

Mcsorleys pub torn down and a new “Pierre a DB ” built in its place?

Will they be joined by a fleet of gold plated golf carts or will each house come with a helicopter landing pad as standard?

A HKR spokesman said they had already received interest from some 10 parties for the houses, she declined to comment however that such celebrities as jackie chan or oprah were on the list!

As a matter of interest for our members we have listed some alternative venues for plonking down HK$300 Million.

1:HK$300 Million A rare opportunity to acquire an imposing detached period residence located on one of London’s finest tree lined roads. In addition to the main house, there is a newly constructed family house benefiting from its own private entrance on Townshend Road. The two properties provide in excess of 14,000 sq.ft / 1,300 sq.m of internal accommodation and both feature indoor swimming pools.

The main house offers parking for four to five cars behind electric gates whilst the second house benefits from a double garage

No 2:Take a deep breath in and enjoy this new vision of Old Hawaii.

The very finest oceanfront estate, Tara Plantation, is now offered for the first time!

Embracing a secluded crescent cove of white sand beach on the tropical island of Kauai, set in a gently sloping fertile valley, complete with its own meandering tropical stream, spring-fed pool and silvery waterfall and panoramic views, Tara Plantation is an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy Kauais finest island property. Extraordinary privacy is assured on the Plantations approximately 171 acres located on Kauais sunny northeastern coast.Enter your gated compound and lazily drive down a country road to your spacious 15,000 square foot classic Hawaiian style main home with two 4000 square foot guest bungalows all of which have been tastefully furnished by the famous California designer, Waldo Fernandez. T

he main home has 6 bedrooms and 8.5 baths with his and her private living rooms.

Exceptional wood finishes, a professional kitchen, and generous ocean view lanais allow for easy island living. A swimming pool, beach cabana, yoga studio, a 3 bedroom caretakers home, horse stables, numerous fenced corrals, super large workshop and barns add to this perfect estate.Attention to detail is an understatement at Tara Plantation. The property has been enhanced with a full security system, internet video camera, satellite TV/Cable, and T1 line. In addition, there are two large generator systems, private diesel and propane supplies, and 2 potable wells. The purchase also includes a Jeep, Trucks, Carts, and 4 -Wheel Mules.

Generously stunning ocean views, easy island living, design, desire, imagination and ceaseless vision celebrate Tara Plantation.

3:Palm Beach

This spectacular Mediterranean estate is newly completed and sits on 1.6 acres of prime real estate in Palm Beach. There are roughly 2,500 single family homes on the Island of Palm Beach yet only a few can be directly situated on the ocean, and only a highly coveted 23 properties are “estate-sized” – and this newest one is the only one that is brand new construction. The estate is large enough to cater to the needs of the most discerning buyer yet the use of natural materials, the craftsmanship and design create a lightness and warmth that gives the home a sense of intimacy and comfort. The home is a beautiful blend of function along with beauty – lots of light, incredible views and a seamless indoor outdoor living experience with a sense of privacy and serenity.

Jump Start the New Year No Matter the Month

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We can get a new start any time of the year. Whether you are starting a new calendar year, fiscal year, birth year or the anniversary of your business, here are some great tips to get a fresh start.

1. Clear up small, unresolved issues. Nagging little things we call “tolerations” can suck energy from us. This could be filing away that short pile of papers or an overdue tax issue we’ve been putting off. Start small, and gain momentum. When the New Year comes, you’ll feel clear, full of energy and ready to tackle bigger things.

2. Start saying NO to things you don’t want to do. You don’t HAVE to say “Yes” to everything and everybody! We are afraid others won’t respect or love us if we refuse their requests (demands.) There are ways to say no gracefully and with integrity. How much better to say,”No,” than to resent, drag our feet or totally exhaust ourselves. Saying “No,” at the appropriate time is responsible, respectful and absolutely necessary to living a vital, fulfilling life.

3. Identify the things that drain energy and eliminate them. Is that service group you belong to no longer serving your needs? Is your eternally complaining “friend” grating on your nerves? Have you fixed that broken “whatever” 5 too many times? Getting rid of the things and people in your life that drain the life out of you is necessary for you to have energy to expand in new, creative ways.

3 1/2. Simplify The name of the game is to identify where your life and your business is cluttered. Then throw it away, give it away, or find a use for it by the end of the day. Give yourself space in which to sort out what you want to take with you into the future and what you want to leave behind.

4. Base your yearly Goals on your Values When your goals are in absolute alignment with your values, you enhance your chances for success. For example, a goal of calling your family members more often that supports a value of “Family is Important” is more likely to followed up on than a goal which does not align with a value. A goal like “Make a million dollars” is going to be more difficult if you have a value that says “Money is the root of all evil.” See the hint below about how to handle this issue of conflicting values and beliefs.

5. Change Limiting Beliefs. If you have a belief that limits success, see how you can reframe that belief. Let’s say you have a belief that wealthy people are dishonest and selfish. That belief will keep you, Mr. or Ms. Honest/Generous/Poor, forever poor, because you don’t want to violate one of your strongest beliefs. Find evidence that refutes that limiting belief (get to know Mr. and Ms. Honest/Generous/Wealthy) and retrain yourself in the new way of thinking. Refashioning those beliefs will support your success.

6. Understand the Law of Attraction and use it to pull you forward. The Law of Attraction simply stated is “Like attracts Like.” Our parents used to say, “Birds of a feather flock together.” If you want wonderful relationships, you must be the kind of person YOU would want for a friend. If you want prosperity, you must notice where there is already abundance in your life. Make yourself attractive to yourself, and you will find that you are attracting the people and circumstances that you most want. Likewise if you are pessimistic, critical and down on yourself, you will attract more of the same. Look for the best in every day, every minute and you will find 2005 will be your best year ever!

6. Get that there is a flow to life. Trust and surrender to it. Eliminate struggle. Things do not always happen in the way or the time frame that we would like. Try not to get anxious and look at how what is going on fits into the big picture of your life.

9. Incorporate three new daily self-care habits into your life. This doesn’t have to be a big deal like adding a daily 10 mile run (Yikes!). These can be little things like adding conditioner to your hair washing routine, or a minute of relaxing stretching before you go to bed. Make them simple, easy to do every day and totally for you.

10. Get a picture in your mind of having what you want. Think thoughts to create it. Thoughts are powerful. Positive or negative thoughts set the tone for what we are and what we become. You have heard it a million times, so make this a million and one: pay attention to what you think about. If there is a goal you want to attain, think about it in detail, and with positive emotion. Imagine how you will feel, look and act when you attain it. This is simple but powerful stuff.

Healing Touch – How Is Christ a Model of Healing Presence For Us Today?

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Healing Touch practitioners know that reading the scriptures gives an image of the healing presence of Christ. When Jesus told his followers to be compassionate as God is compassionate, he was referring to the Jewish tradition that views God as Mother, as “birther.” To say that God is compassionate is to say that God is “like a womb.” Compassion was more than just a virtue for Jesus it was a vehicle for social action. We are to care about our neighbor.

To answer the question “who is my neighbor,” Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan. From the story we see that we are to care about our neighbors in visible, tangible ways. We are to be compassionate healers of one another just as the Samaritan was a compassionate healer of the man who was robbed and beaten.

Now the Samaritans were despised by the Jewish people and considered less than second-class citizens. And yet, the Samaritan did not pass by without rendering assistance to another human soul, to someone who, although different from himself, was a fellow traveler on the path of life. The Samaritan could not have been compassionate had he not stopped and looked at the sorry state of this poor man. At once, he understood this man’s difficult state and was able to be totally present to the needs of another. The mark of his generosity flowing from his compassion was the openness with which he used precious substances (the healing oils) to soothe and heal the stranger’s wounds.

Compassion can be expressed in your eyes, in the way you act or react, in the way you walk, sit, eat, or deal with other people. Compassion can be contagious. According to Jesus, compassion in your heart is a way to peace and joy. Through compassion, we can change the world.

In doing healing work you may run the risk of having your offer of healing hands rebuffed, ridiculed, even rejected. You may be attacked verbally or even physically. Your job may be on the line, or your relationships may be in jeopardy if you persist in expressing your healing ways. Being a Christ presence requires commitment. Jesus encouraged us to be generous in our love and our compassion. He assured us that if we are generous in our giving, that same generosity will be measured out to us. Is this compassion something innate or can it be learned? Many today feel called to be of Christian service through doing healing work. You may wish to seek out educational programs that teach healers how to develop a healing presence.

Permission Based Email Marketing -The Effective Email Marketing Strategy That Works!

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Permission based email marketing has proven to be one of the most effective marketing strategies for small and medium-sized businesses. Recent studies and polls have shown that most merchants who conduct email marketing campaigns consider this method of reaching prospects and customers highly-profitable.

The correct way to conduct an email marketing campaign is implied in the name of the strategy: permission based. Without a prospect’s permission, sending an unsolicited email will often be perceived as spam. Once you have a prospect’s permission to communicate with him through email, it is important that you follow the following tips to maximize the effectiveness of your email promotional campaigns.

Tip #1: Focus On Building The Relationship

Most people agree to receive email only after considering what they have to gain (or lose) from giving their email address away. As a business owner, merchant, or affiliate marketer, you should focus on building a relationship with those who give you permission to contact them through email. Those who “opt-in” want to like you. They want to trust you. Trust is only gained by treating them like real personalities rather than merely a list of email addresses.

Many email marketers make this critical mistake. They send email after email to their subscribers without stopping to think of the people behind the email addresses. As a result, their email marketing campaigns often seem lifeless and dull.

When writing your emails, always focus on building the relationship that you have with the people on your subscriber list. Speak to them individually (even though you are writing to everyone at once) and you will gain their trust, respect and attention.

Tip #2: Offer A Way Out

Every permission based email marketing campaign should allow the subscriber (i.e. the person who has give you permission to contact them via email) to “opt-out” of your email list. That is, always provide the subscriber the option of ending the relationship.

Though doing so may sound counterproductive to building a large email list, it instill a level of confidence within your subscriber that they are not trapped on your list. They know they can easily terminate the relationship whenever they feel the need. This level of confidence increases their trust in you. Ironically, giving your subscriber a way out is often a critical element in gaining their long-term loyalty.

Tip #3: Benefit From The Theory Of Reciprocity

The theory of reciprocity is often attributed to Dr. Robert. B. Cialdini. Through numerous experiments and by observing human behavior, Cialdini noticed that when something generous was done for a person, that person often felt motivated to reciprocate the goodwill. This tendency of human behavior is directly applicable to your permission based email marketing campaigns.

Linked tightly with building a relationship with your subscriber (Tip #1 above), provide an enormous amount of value to your subscriber. Be generous by giving them more than they expect to receive from you. You will likely find that many of your subscribers will be motivated to reciprocate your generosity by buying a product you are promoting.